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In memory of Ravindranath Tagore and Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

An activity like the shloka/poem recitation contest is an example of complete learning because this type of ‘kids contest’ helps children to gain knowledge and encourages them to learn poetry in depth.

The competition inspires the participants to go forward and recite the general public.

The children should come up with different poems on a spread of themes and recited them with great fervor and enthusiasm.

Participants are going to be judged on parameters like memorization, articulation, visual communication, clarity, expression, and pace, and therefore the usage of props.

Props for Poem Recitation Competition

You can use props to make your poetry more convincing, so you can show your creativity.


The top 10 participants and winners will receive an e-Certificate of Participation by email. Additionally, the best one will receive attractive prizes.

Rules of Poem Recitation

Participants need to memorize and recite the shloka/poem of Sir Ravindranath Tagore and Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
This competition is open only to ages four to twenty.
Only eligible participants who have registered through the Google Form are allowed to participate in the competition.

The decision of the judges will be final and binding.

How to Register in Poem Recitation?

Interested participants can register free of cost for the Poem Recitation contest through a given link.

Registration Deadline

20 May, 2021

Contact 8114158171

Result of Poem Recitation

We are thankful to the children who participated in this Poem Contest by zeal.
E-Certificate will be sent to your registered Email.

  • Yoganjali Rishi
  • Kajal Sah
  • Anushka Banerjee
  • Pahal Deepak Jain
  • Aneesha Ivanath
  • Oishiki Roy
  • Riddhita Ghosh
  • Avishi Sood
  • Nidhi. B Naik
  • Bristi Mandal

Name of candidate Who Wins Prize Money

  • Prasanta Das


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