Inter School Competition 2022

Peacock Inter School Competition

Inter school competition in India coming up!

Do you run a secondary school in India or know anyone who does? Tell them to enroll in this

“you are always right when you using the right brain”

This one-day activity is aimed at encouraging right brain excellence, fostering goodwill among schools, and helping kids develop the success-oriented mindset that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Details Of Inter School Competition


Upto 6 Yrs

Dotted coloring sheets will be provided at school

Registration Fees Rs 60


7 to 11 Yrs

You will be given 3 topics/themes for preparation, out of which only one topic will be given to drawing on the day of the competition

Registration Fees Rs 100


12 to 15 Yrs

Five subjects or themes will be provided to you for preparation, but only one will be given for drawing on the competition day.

Registration Fees Rs 100

Registration Information


It is just for schools


Students must complete the students’ registration form, which they may obtain from their school

Reward & Prize

  • National Topper
  • State Topper
  • Medals
  • Trophies
  • Cash Prize
  • Merit Certificate
  • Participating Certificate to all Student
inter school competition

Additional benefit for student’s

  • School Rankers
  • State Rankers
  • National Rankers
  • Possibility of becoming a state poster, boys or girls
  • Becoming well-known on social media.
  • Chance to win free entry in International competition

Prize Distribution Overview

School Level9 Merit certificates and Medals
State Level9 Merit certificates and Shield
National Level10 Merit certificates, Cash and Gift prize

You can win a variety of rewards, but one should keep the following considerations in mind:

  • A Rs100 registration fee
  • Simply register offline (contact the school in charge)
  • Participants must bring their student IDs.
  • We’ll provide you with the drawing sheets.
  • The competition will last one hour.
  • Using drawing templates is prohibited.
  • Participants need to bring their own coloring material.
  • Reporting will begin 30 minutes before the event.
  • The verdicts of the judges are binding.
  • Before submitting your application, make sure you understand the competition detail.
  • The application form must be submitted first, and then you must be ready for the art event.

Important points:

The school should fill out the form provided above.
The Peacock Inter School Art Competition can be entered through your school.

Any student in India between the ages of 3 and 15 may take part through their school or institution.

There are no charges payable by the school for the school registration.

The students that take part must pay a one-time charge.

Schools must register by completing the aforesaid form. It just takes a minute.

The PISAC school-level competition is being held offline.

Any Indian school may register, regardless of the board, medium, size, or any additional category.

Only the final round (national level) of the PISAC competition will be online, for which 10 candidates will be selected.

The public and state level winners will also cast their votes in the national level winner selection. This will bring more transparency to our selection.

FAQ Section

What is the Peacock Inter School Competition?

The Peacock Inter school art competition is a competition for students of all schools across India. It has school level, state level, and national level competitions. It can be held in both offline and online formats.

Who can participate in the inter school competition?

Registration is open to all Indian schools with students at ages three through fifteen (3-15).

How do schools register for the PISAC?

Schools can register online by submitting the registration form. There is no PISAC registration fee for the school. Click here to register now.

How can my child be registered for the PISAC?

Individual students may not register. Only schools can register for the PISAC, and then eligible students at the registered school may participate.

How can students prepare for participation in the PISAC?

For children up to 6 years, dotted coloring sheets will be given.For children above 6 years, the topic will be told in advance to all the children

What is the timeline of the PISAC competition?

Starting on August 1, 2022, schools can register for the inter-school art competition. Registration for schools must be completed by February 28, 2023

I’m a parent. May I register my son/daughter’s school?

No. Only school authorities may register a school for the PISAC, Please contact to respective school administration.

How much does it cost to register a school for the PISAC?

There is no registration fee for the school to register.

What is an acceptable form of payment for a student to register for the PISAC?

The payment has to be done at the school only. Direct payment is not accepted by the CONTESTZEAL

How and when will I be notified if I qualified for the national level?

A list of qualified students will be posted on the CONTESTZEAL website. We will also send results to each school at the registered email id.

What are the prizes for the winners who compete in the PISAC Competition?

Champions at the school are awarded a medal and a certificate. Cash awards, medals, and certificates will be up for grabs for state and national competition winners. Additionally, the national champion is given free entry into international competitions.

How do I contact the PISAC organizer?

You may email me at One may also contact at 8114158171 (WhatsApp)

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