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Be Ready For Freebies or Giveaways By Contestzeal

Let’s charge ourselves and are ready to steal a chance of winning a writing/drawing tablet and logo printed T-shirt.

List of Contest Included In giveaways

  • Mega Kids Contest Session-8
  • Mega Kids Contest Session-9
  • Mega Kids Contest Session-10
  • Mega Kids Contest Session-11
  • Mega Kids Contest Session-12
  • Art By Artist Contest Session 3
  • Art Deco Contest
  • LavelUp Session April-May 2023
  • LavelUp Session June-July 2023
  • LavelUp Session August-September 2023
  • LavelUp Session October-November 2023
  • Quiz Contest
  • And other contest running between 1-April, 2023 to 30-December 2023

5 lucky winners will receive free writing/drawing tablet and 1 lucky winners will win printed T-shirt

Remember: One certificate = One zealpoints
Freebies duration 1April-23 to 30 December-23
Freebies Result : January month or After 100 successful entry

Christmas giveaways

For more information on how our giveaways are operated, check our Giveaway FAQs. Additional terms and conditions for giveaways are given below.

• This giveaway is open to all countries (except when we can not ship to your country).
• You will get compensation in the form of an online AMAZON gift card with a value equal to the prize if we cannot ship to your country.

• We are not liable for any missing gift parcel by courier transport.
• If your giveaway prize breaks in transit, we are not liable.
• We are not liable for any import taxes or tariffs you may be required to pay.
• We retain the right to modify this offer at any time.
• We reserve the right to publish the name of the winner and the Photo on our website.

Registration Form

Giveaways FAQ

Who is eligible to take part in contestzeal giveaways?

You must be of legal age to enter the contestzeal giveaways sweepstakes in your country. Most of the time, participant from all over the world are eligible to enter our freebies and contests.

How do I take part in the contest?

Only and our social media networks are used for our giveaways. Follow the directions provided on the contest page to enter. You receive one or more entries into the giveaway for every task you accomplish. Click on the appropriate action and follow the directions to finish it and receive your sweepstakes entry.

Is my private information secure?

Yes, Your information won’t ever be given to a third party or used to send you spam.

Can I join the giveaway even if I previously win a contest?

Yes, you should enter our free and paid contests because we consider all certificates issued between April 23 to December 23 by contestzeal.

I do not participate in paid contests Can I be a winner in this giveaway?

Yes, you can get maximum certificate by participating in our free contest.

Can I use more than one email address to join the giveaway?

No, each individual is only permitted to have one email account. We check the detail of the winners. Users who entered the offer using numerous addresses will not be eligible to win the prize if we find out about it.

How do you pick the winners?

Take part in all our running competitions and score as many Zealpoints as possible to stay in the competition, you have to earn at least 15 Zealpoints in these 6 months.
In case of equal zeal points, Giveaway winners are selected through a random draw at the end of the giveaway period.

When do you announce the winners?

We announce sweepstakes winners as soon as possible after the end of the giveaway.

How will I know if I win?

An employee of contestzeal will email the winners to let them know they have won the contest. We don’t connect with prize winners through any other media. We also add the winner’s first name and nation of residence to the giveaway page.

I missed the email since it was placed in the spam folder. What shall I do?

We retain the right to do a second drawing and choose a different winner in cases when a giveaway winner doesn’t respond to our messages within seven days. In this scenario, the first winner forfeits all entitlement to the award.

Can I receive the prize in cash, a different award, or a gift card instead?

You will get compensation in the form of an online Amazon gift card with a value equal to the prize if we cannot deliver the prize to the country where you reside. In all other cases, winners are solely entitled to the stated reward and may not substitute the stated prize for cash, gift cards, or other prizes.

How long will it take for my reward to arrive?

We make every effort to send out prizes on time. The average time for prizes to reach recipients is 3 to 7 weeks, however, it occasionally takes longer. Please give time for the prize to go on sale if we have shortage in stock. When the prize is sent to you, you’ll be informed. The availability of shipping services, your country of residence, customs, duties, and other rules may all have an impact on how quickly packages are delivered. These variables are beyond our control, and we are not liable for any delays they may cause.

I won a giveaways contest, but it’s been a while since I contact with you. What should I do?

We make every effort to deliver the reward to you as quickly as we can, but collecting, packing, and shipping prizes can take some time. Additionally, the staff person in charge of the process has additional duties. Although we appreciate your eagerness to claim your prize, do hold off contacting us once the conditions outlined in our communication have passed. Using social media to vent your frustration or harass us via email will not hasten the delivery of your prize.

There is an issue with the award. Can you take any action?

If something occurs to the prize after we ship it off, we are unable to assist you. We disclaim all liability for misplaced packages, shipping damage, packages held up in customs, and any other problems involving the prize. We make every effort to guarantee that the prize is delivered to you in functioning condition, but we are not responsible in any way if it breaks down, stops working, or experiences any other issue.

Do I need to pay anything to get the prize?

We only cover the shipment costs for your prize. Depending on your country of residence, you may need to pay tariffs, duties, or other taxes to receive your prize. It’s entirely your responsibility to fully comply with your country’s laws and regulations.

How can I verify that giveaways on contestzeal are genuine?

An established and well-respected contest platform is Contestzeal. On our website and social media, we have millions of followers. We are incredibly appreciative of the community we created around contestzeal world and our devoted participants. One way we aspire to give back to our community is through giveaways. We consistently have delighted giveaway winners. To see some of the people who have won prizes from contestzeal over the years, visit our photo or video gallery. On top of that, we frequently post messages and updates from our award recipients on social media.

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