18 Tips to perform well in a singing competition in 2024

To improvise your performance in the singing competition, we have provided some of the points in two divisions.

External grooming for a singing competition

  1. your sitting posture carries a large amount of interest in your presentation so it is advised to sit formally.
  2. Your dress code should  match the theme of the song the participant must be well-groomed
  3. Your camera positioning should be horizontal for a larger view and not in constant motion.
  4. The bass of the voice increase with practice but it can also be increased with an additional micro phonic device so the use of an extra microphone is prohibited
  5. There should not be any extra background noise and the presentable background should be sought.
  6. Light condition must not be dim but illuminating.
  7. The voice should be audible and not mumbled.
  8. No editing of any kind even pause play is not acceptable.

You may use musical instruments example harmonium, tabla, guitar, etc.

singing competition tips

Internal grooming for a singing competition

  1. The notation of the song should be perfect and crystal clear also extra notation should be avoided which may destroy the test of the ready-based song.
  2. Rhythm:  your rhythm should be maintained throughout the song.
  3. Pronunciation of each word should be clear your accent should be appropriate according to the language of the song chosen.
  4. Your involvement should come from the very inside of you.
  5. You should be strong in the upper, middle, lower octave as well.
  6. Take the proper scale and don’t keep jumping up and down during the song.
  7. Sur: The standing notes should not be trembling.
  8. In ‘Mukhada’ or any variation of ‘Sur’ each and every ‘Sur’ should be transparent. For additional expressions don’t destroy the notation and pronunciation. All expressions should be in rhythm.
  9. Try to understand the meaning and mood of the song. For example – If it is a sad song your expression should be following the same mood.
  10. In Rhythm, Some songs are in multiple ‘taal’ presentations, in that case, maintain a proper rhythm of that song.

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