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Art Deco Challenge – Free Entry

The Art Deco challenge is designed to challenge worldwide artists and helps to show your recent work along with a self-portrait picture.
Art has been placed in every aspect of our life from a morning cup of tea to multistory building. Without art, we even can not think of our beautiful world.
Keep practicing any skill we want to learn like drawing, sketching and painting.

Entry is free for a few weeks. You have to get 100 public likes within 15 days or else you’ll be disqualified.

Theme for Art Deco Challenge

‘Holi’ or ‘Summer’

This is a Challenge contest

This is a people to a people contest. The entries will not be judged by the contestzeal team. All entries will be judged by 5 public judges ( Apply for a selective team, click here ) and online visitors.
Its purpose is to give artists of all ages an opportunity to showcase their creative work and also feel the pressure of selectors.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone, any age, anywhere!

Winner Prize

At the end of the challenge, the top-10 higher like-gainer will be selected.

These 10 artists will be voted by selected 5 public judges by giving their points.

At the end, the artwork/artist with the highest number gainer will receive a $5 Amazon gift card.

Process of the Art Deco Challenge

  • You produce artwork based on the subject. Both two and three dimensions are possible.
  • Your original work must not have been previously published online or in print.
  • Scan or take a nice picture of the artwork.
  • Use the form below to submit the artwork.
  • Each individual has just one entry.
  • Share this page with your family and friends to get likes.

To participate in the Art Deco challenge, remember these points:

  • The piece of art must correspond to the theme. The website won’t feature the artwork if it does not match the theme.
  • your artwork should have your name or signature
  • It must be suitable for viewers of all ages.

The deadline for submitting your artwork is Saturday, July 1 at 11:59 p.m.

Are you ready to Enter?
Just fill out the form registration form given below!

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