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International artist Star

Caroline Moal France Manseur Nabila Algeria Benele Jeffrey Dlamini Swaziland Shannon Malunga South Africa Muhammad Makhdoom Pakistan H.W Ashan Iduranga Athugala Sri Lanka H. D. Pavithra hansani Nawarathna Sri Lanka Zumar Rizwan kiani Pakistan

Star Delhi 2023

Star Delhi 2023|Proud of Delhi Yuvraj Chaudhary Congratulations to Yuvraj for consistently participating in sessions 6 & 7

Star of up

What does Uttar Pradesh have to be proud of? Uttar Pradesh is a state of Indian culture with origins in Hindi and Urdu literature, music, fine arts, theatre, and film. Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Gautam Buddha, and Bhagwan Parshuram all had their births here. There is nowhere else where the diversity of the language may …

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Proud of Odisha 2023

What does Odisha have to be proud of?  Odisha is a region of world-renowned architecture, temples, craft works, and a plethora of other talent. The Odia language is one of the sweetest spoken, and it contains the second most written scriptures after Sanskrit. Odissi dance is famous not just in Orissa, but also throughout India …

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Star of Karnataka 2023

What do the people of Karnataka have to be proud of? Karnataka has been the home of some of the most powerful kingdoms, thinkers, saints, and ancient structures. Other important traditional styles of Karnataka music and dance are Krishna Parijatha and Bhoot Aradhane Kempegowda: He is credited for establishing and constructing Bengaluru, which is currently …

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