Online international painting contest 2024 to win Cash prizes

CONTEST ZEAL is hosting an Art By Artist Contest

An online art & painting contest at an international level to help many artists achieve their dreams.

  • Group A : 11 to 21 Years
  • Group B : 22 Years and above
  • Group C: Senior artist (Please apply directly in second round)

It is the dream of every artist to come in front of the people and make their own identity.

This competition is designed in such a way that we will be able to filter out scammers

Scammers: Those who give other’s art in their own name or download it from any online website and send it.

It’s a great way to get your name out there in the industry and reach a broader audience.

We do a small effort to fulfill your right and your dream through this competition.

Art Contests

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Art by artist painting contest, no matter what stage you’re at, is designed to put your skills to the test and help you grow by competing against other artists.

Major Highlight Of Painting Contest

  • Top 3 Ranking Medals in each group of A& B
  • Opportunity for you to have your art published in the yearly Artist calendar
  • Winning of e-catalog or Physical Catalog
  • Entry pass for any paid competition for 2 or 1 year
  • E-certificate to all participants.
  • 15 consolation prizes. 
  • Chance to win an Cash prize or gift in each category (Rs 5000, Rs 3000, Rs1500)*.

Art Competition Comparison

For Real Artist

Fees Rs (170+250)

  • Best for those who have their own channel or page on social media
  • Winning entry pass for any paid competition in a year 2024-25
  • Artist e-calendar to all participant
  • Artwork will publish on social media
  • Chance to win prize or Cash
  • Last date information will be given via email or whatsapp

Apply Now

For Novice

Free Registration

  • Best for newbie
  • No support during or after event
  • Your registration may get cancelled for not filling the form correctly
  • Artwork may or may not be published on social media
  • The result of National and International participants is not made separately
  • About prizes detail visit LavelUp page

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About Painting Contest

This online painting Contest seeks to encourage and motivate artists all over the world by giving them a forum to showcase their creativity and ideas while also rewarding them for it.

The ‘Art by Artist’ competition is a reflection of the passion and dedication of the artists. Under the guidance of senior artists and teachers, this competition provides an opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge, making the Art by Artist competition unique in a category. Let your creative spirit flourish and take this opportunity to inspire others with your art.

Interesting changes are being made in this competition in the first round.

  • Group A : 11 to 21 Years
  • Group B : 22 Years and above
  • Group C : For Senior artist (Please apply directly in second round)

1st Round Information

The theme of the painting contest: 1) Christmas Theme  or  2) Nature Theme.

The round first result will come on 30th May 2024.

Prize In First Round

painting competition prize
  • The first, second and third winners of Group A, B will get a medal and Momentous.
  • Everyone will get a participant e-certificate.
  • An add-on (Video Promotion in Our Channel) of the e-portfolio will also be given to the top selected candidate.

2nd Round Information

Out of the total enrolled candidates of groups A,B 80% of the artists will be selected for the second round. They will have to apply again for the second round. The detail theme of the second round will be informed after the first round.

Candidates registered in Group C are required to submit any three different art pieces.


  1. Group C and will get direct entry in the second round.
  2. Those who register by paying Rs 350, will have their direct entry in the second round.
  3. The final result of the second round will be prepared by combining the participants of Group B and Group C.
  4. International candidates paying in dollars will also have a direct entry in the second round.

How To Registered In Painting Contest

Step 1 –

> Click On Registration button

> Fill in your accurate details

> Complete required Payment

> upload your passport size photo

> upload your payment slip

> Next day of registration, check email for your registered number.

Step 2 –

> Prepare your art according to the given Theme

Step 3 –

> Send an Image of your artwork on Mail – or WhatsApp at 8114158171 by 25 May 2024 along with the candidate’s full name and registration number.

Benefits Of International Painting Contest

After the results are announced, everyone will receive their E-certificates.

Possibility of being featured on our website, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms

Win thrilling cash prizes, gift vouchers, and other rewards.

Prize In Second Round


  • 1st prize: Drawing kit or gift voucher + Rs 5000 + Member of Artist Platform
  • 2nd  prize: Drawing kit or gift voucher + Rs 3000 + Member of Artist Platform
  • 3rd prize: Drawing kit or gift voucher + Rs 1500 + Member of Artist Platform
  • The top 3 Intellectual Artists win entry passes for 1 or 2 years
  • The top 3 creative Artists win entry passes valid for one year
  • Merit wise certificate  or Participant Certificate
  • Next 10 participant will get consolation prizes (Member of Artist Platform)


  • Drawing kit or gift voucher (up to 10) + Member of Artist Platform (up to 30)
  • 10 merit awards e-certificate
  • The top 3 creative Artists win entry passes for 2 year
  • 10 lucky participants will get an e-catalog & e-certificate to all participants

Painting Contest Registration Fees

Entry Fees :

Fees in Indian currency – INR 170 for first round—with late payment INR 250 (GST/TAX include).

After 1st round result – INR 250 for second round only for selected candidate of Group A,B.

Others country – $7—-with late payment $12  (18% GST/TAX include).

Registration Fees Options

National payment gateway :

Fee in INR – Rs 170 per Registration for entry in first round : Click for payment

Fee in INR – Rs 350 per Registration for direct entry in second round and for Senior Artist : Click for payment

International payment gateway :

Stripe [in dollar] – $7 per Registration : Click for payment

Painting Contest Date Scheduling

Last Date to Register  – 20 May 2024.

Later entry with late fees – 25 May2024.

Last Date to Submit your work for first-round – 25 May 2024.

Result Of First Round – 30 May 2024 .

Announcement of the task for a second round – 04 June 2024.

Last Date to  Submit your work for a second round – 29 June 2024 .

Announcement of the final result -05 August 2024.

Entry Pass Offer :

  • Blue Diamond Zeal Membership Cardholder: Accepted for free Entry in any paid contest for 2 years from the date of issue.
  • Diamond Zeal Membership Cardholder: Accepted for free Entry in any paid contest for 1 years from the date of issue.
  • Golden Zeal Membership Cardholder: Accepted for free Entry in any paid contest only for two sessions within a year.
  • Silver Zeal Membership Cardholder: Accepted for free Entry in any paid contest only for one session within a year.
  • Bronze Zeal Membership Cardholder: 50% discount on registration fees in any paid contest, only for one session within a year.

Rules and Regulation

  1. Filling out the application form in the proper manner is required.
  2. At the entrance fees, only one drawing can be submitted. You must pay a more entrance fee if you want to submit a separate drawing.
  3. Work(s) images and videos should be clear and unaltered.
  4. The candidate must submit his own designs, which must be hand-drawn.
  5. Contestzeal assumes no responsibility for the applicant submitting the work of another artist.
  6. The applicant’s entry fees will not be returned in any form.
  7. Based on the recommendations of our jury members, the contest winners will be determined.
  8. Our judge’s decision will be final.
  9. The contestant must accept any changes to the contest’s duration made by jurisdiction.
  10. The competition will provide first, second, and third place prizes.
  11. An application must be submitted before the deadline; no applications received after the deadline will be considered.
  12. The contestant who wins will be notified by Whatsapp or Email.
  13. Follow the additional restrictions based on the group. In case of any doubts, age verification can be done by the Contestzeal team.
  14. The participant must draw the given theme; if you send a drawing that is not on the prescribed theme, we will cancel it and your entry fee will not be repaid.
  15. Those who are holders of membership cards do not have to pay any entrance fee.  The photo of the Membership Card should be uploaded at the specified place in the application form.
  16. Those who do not have a membership card must first pay the entry cost for our competition before completing the application form.
  17. The first round winner is expected to apply for the second round before claiming the prize.

Motivational Message

painting contest

I would like to thank Contestzeal to create a platform for our children for giving them a chance to show their talent in such a situation where all the activities are limited by pandemics.

The art by artist competition was very interesting. Appreciate the work of the team. And eagerly waiting for the next interesting events arranged by the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How important is the photograph quality that I send?

    The image’s quality is really significant. Only in this manner will the jury be able to assess it. A poor representation, such as a fuzzy or glare-affected photograph, dark lighting, or extraneous background items, may reduce your chances of being chosen.

  2. What is the process for submitting an application?

    Only our application form is on offer for submission.

  3. Can my work be rejected because it has no relationship to the competition’s theme?

    Yes, Our advice is to prepare your art according to a given theme, explaining what your artwork wants to message and demonstrating that you understand the competition’s theme.

  4. What sorts of artwork may you submit?

    Paintings, sketching, and other two-dimensional techniques are used in the artwork.

  5. Can I submit a video with my application?

    Yes, the video should be unedited, and the clip should be longer than five minutes.

  6. Is it possible for me to participate along with an old artwork?

    You can submit the work if it is unedited and you own the copyrights.

  7. Do I get an email acknowledgement of my submission?

    Yes, you’ll get a confirmation email once you submit the form.
    If you haven’t gotten a notice within 72 hours, please contact us via Whatsapp at 8114158171.

  8. Who is going to evaluate my work?

    By our jury, which is made up of art specialists, as well as the contestzeal team. Under no circumstances do we disclose the identity of the jury and team. Because by doing this, they may cause pressure to know and change running competition’s result in advance.

  9. How long does the evaluation take?

    Normally, we send the final result within two weeks of the closing date, but this might take up to a month depending on jury availability and the volume of applications.

  10. Can I send my application by Whatsapp or email instead?

    No. We will not evaluate material that is not supplied via this application because the contest is totally managed online through the website with our online form.

  11. What is the procedure for receiving a prize?

    Prizes can be sent to a postal address or transferred electronically. Winners will get their prizes within 30 days of being notified and submitting all required papers.

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