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Online Singing Competition 2023

The CLASH OF TITAN online singing competition is designed for singers who would like to challenge themselves in a very competitive environment. Solo vocalists of all ages, races, and nations are eligible to compete.

This tournament is open to everyone of any age group, regardless of identification restrictions.

The tournament is conducted totally online.

Clash Of Titan Online Singing Competition

This event goes beyond a simple music competition. Every artist has the opportunity to compete for prizes totaling more than Rs 5,000 in addition to performing.

Eligibility of Online Singing Competition

Both adults and children are invited to participate in the tournament. There are no restrictions on the candidates’ ages.

Competition Summery

ROUND 1 (Any Language)

Every participant will sing the song of their choosing in any language for no more than two minutes.

Step 1:Contest Zeal team will Form a group of five individuals.

Step2. One candidate is selected by the team, Selected candidates will get challenged by the other 4 participants in each group.

Step3. Selected Participant and Challenger will try to get a maximum public vote.

ROUND 2 (Native Language)

Higher vote gainer selected by public

All contestant sing their 2nd song in their native language (Bollywood songs are also allowed) Or we will use the singing video of your entry round. Each contestant must sing a song in a language from the state they are representing. The song must be a maximum of 2 minutes

Step1. In this round, one candidate will be taken from each group who will get the highest votes from his/her group.

Step2. Those who are not got challenged by group members will directly go to the second round

Step3. Candidates selected in the second round will have to register again. please read the second-round registration process.

Step4. All non-selected candidates will get the last chance to challenge any selected participant. Please read how to make a challenge for round 3 (Semifinal round).

ROUND 3 (Battle for position)

If you wish, you can change your performance song. For this, you have to contact us on Whats App

Step1. All selected participants and challengers will be paired.

Step2. All pairs will try to get maximum votes.

FINAL ROUND (Any Language)

Clash of Titan

Step 1: A Top Solo will be selected, and they will perform their final song in any language for at least two minutes.

Step 2: Selected top solo competitors will square off for first, second, and champion honors.

The candidate will be chosen based on the results of previous rounds and popular voting.

Application Fee

Different application costs will apply. Contestants that submit their applications before the busy period will receive a lesser, discounted pricing.

20 September – 30 October, Rs 0  – The Earliest of Birds
01 November – 15 November,  Rs 100  – Early Bird
16 November – 30 November, Rs 200  – Standard 

Application Fees are not refundable.

Option to pay via PayPal (buttons to the right). Razor-pay service charges will be covered by additional charges.

When you click the “Pay Now” button, Razor Pay will be opened.

How to Apply

How to Register:

Participants are needed to submit video recording materials for the audition to enter the competition.

– Online application form completed.

– A link to the performance’s video recordings on YouTube (or another video-sharing website).

• English was used to complete the online application form

• YouTube link

If necessary, a passport photo or other form of identification should also be sent. Please click here to obtain the application format. Videos and photos can be included in the application or sent through email to

Use your phone if you want. Just make a personal performance recording and email it to us. We may post it on the contest zeal website so that judges, loved ones, and supporters can choose their favorites.

One must include the following information for each video: complete name, age, postal and email addresses, phone number, and specifics of the rendition (composer, raga, tala, etc.)

Note: Check that your films have the correct parameters before submitting YouTube links:

Please select “Public” or “Unlisted” from the drop-down menu under Videos > Basic Info instead of “Private” in VIDEO MANAGER.


Judging Criteria


1. VOCAL (60%)

Vocal Technique: Intonation, Elocution, Breath Support, Tone Quality, and Fluency

Voice and music concerning rhythm and tempo


Performance: How effectively the artist conveys the song’s meaning and emotion.


Design of the Show: Music Selection, Stage, and Performance Style

The judges and audience’s impressions of the whole performance are known as the entertainment value.

Online Likes and Shares (vote) are given 80% weight.

Judges’ marks are given 20% weight.

The songs must be from an Indian film, band, or album and may be in any style.

Competition Rules

  1. Recordings don’t have to be of a professional caliber, but they should fairly represent the Contestant’s skills.
  2. Contestants are required to perform by memory.
  3. Judges’ remarks won’t be made public. The judgments of judges are final and cannot be challenged.
  4. Only the video recordings that were submitted and the public’s response will be used to choose the winners in the end.
  5. Submissions that the judging panel deems to be unsuitable for a family will be dismissed.
  6. After the application has been filed, repertoire adjustments are not permitted.
  7. Only the performing second round will be given Certificates of Recognition. Anyone who declined to compete in the second round (2nd round) for whatever reason would be disqualified.
  8. On May 20, 2023, the competition results will be posted on the contest zeal website.
  9. Contestants automatically acknowledge the terms of the online music competition guidelines by applying. Before applying to the competition, please carefully read the policy.

Winners Recital Information

  1. From the participant’s audition repertoire, the judges will choose one video for the competition winners to perform.
  2. The participant must send a link to the new piece’s video clip to modify their performance repertoire.
  3. You may boost your performance by including background music in your song.
  4. The participant’s minimum performance time is 2 minutes.
  5. For the final round, additional performance time of up to 5 minutes may be permitted.
  6. Only one song video was provided at a time by each participant. Before transmitting, please verify the video’s audio quality and background noise.
  7. The organizational committee will compile brief bios of the artists to use as introductions at the Winners Recitals.
  8. Every participant is in charge of their performance (selection of song, video, or sound quality, sharing a performer listing page for public vote, etc.).
  9. We reserve the right to seek money for a competition winner’s package after the epidemic in exchange for a non-refundable Rs 400 charge. The package comes with a winner’s certificate, a trophy, and mementos with bios and images. We do not ship packages overseas.
  10. Participants will get an email with comprehensive Winners Recital Guidelines.


A higher number of vote gainer participants will be a winner of the competition.

If you drop yourself at any stage of the competition, you will disqualify from a contest and you will not be given any kind of prize or certificate.

All challengers and winners will get an e-certificate & consolation prize.

The top 3 winners will get a certificate & momentous.

Application Deadline

Registration Open DateSoon Open
Registration Close DateNotify
Lateral Entry TillNotify

No date is absolute, the date can be changed by the number of participants or the request of the participant.

Second-round Registration Process

It is mandatory for all the first round qualified participants to register in the second round.

You can complete your registration process within 7 days after the result of the first round.

For the second round of registration, you have to fill out the new form again and also include a participation fee of Rs.300.

How To Challenge Selected Participant

Go to the voting page and submit the form by selecting the name of whomever you want to challenge and submitting the challenger fee.

A Challenger fee of Rs 200 is included so that the selected participant does not get unnecessary challenges from non-serious candidates.

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