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Free Online Painting Drawing Competition 2023 International

Free Registration (No Hidden Fees-online drawing competition 2023 free entry) Worldwide.

Are you from Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia, and landing here for a free art competition?

You are on the right way, apply and wait for at least 24 hrs for an acknowledgment email.

There are five age categories:

Baby Kids:Aged 3 to upto 5 years
Children:Above 5 to upto 15 years old
Youth:Above 15 to upto 25 years old
Adults: Aged 25 to upto 50 years
Seniors:Above 50 years and older

An International level free online Drawing competition is a unique painting, drawing & art competition. It helps to stimulate kids artists, school students, young artists, and senior people to express themselves via painting.

Registration Open: 24×7

Deadline Date: 25 November

Result Date: After 14 December


Time Duration left

Current art contest closes on 30th November 2023

If you are searching for a upcoming festival drawing contest (Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan & Teacher’s Day) then you are on the right page for a free drawing contest.

Check result of August – September 2023

General Information

Submission time: 24 hours a day, seven days a week Submission through the online

>> Entry begins in the first week of each month. February, April, June, August, October, and December.

>> Entry closes during the last week of the following months: March, May, July, September, November, and January.

Two-month period contest: closes every two months, and a new painting contest opens for apply.

Announcement of final Result: The result will announce within 15 days after the closing date.

Eligibility: Participants of all ages from all across the world are accepted.
Painting competition topics: You are free to choose your topic or theme.
Canvas layout: the drawing/painting might be vertical or horizontal.
Use of media or colour: You can use whatever drawing or painting medium you choose. Watercolor, poster colour, acrylic colour, oil colour, charcoal or pencil shading, pastel Colored pencils, pens and ink, and so on
What not to do: Do not submit works of digital art or craft.
Quotes or slogans should not be written on the picture.

Costs: There are no entrance fees. Participation is completely free

Rules and Regulations For Painting competition

  • Participants should fill out the drawing competition form with their complete and exact name since this will appear on all certificates.
  • We humbly request that all parents encourage their children to make their artwork and help them in every way possible in making artworks for submission to an online drawing competition.
  • The final evaluation of the artworks will be handled by the online drawing competition jury. The jury’s decision is final, and no questions or appeals regarding the painting contest’s outcome will be considered.
  •  Entrants must have their parents’ or guardians’ approval.
  • Please double-check that the file you’re uploading is the correct one. There will be no requests to change the file that was previously submitted.
  • The result of a particular group will be announced only when there are 50 participants in that group.
  •  By entering this contest, the entrant agrees to provide a royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, assignable, perpetual, non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, edit, publish, and promote creative derivative works.
  •  By entering the contest, you agree to the website’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Art|Drawing competition judging criteria

Winners certificate will be decided on 10 point scale.

9.4 to 10.0 pointsLevel Up Champion certificate
8.2 to 9.3 pointsLevel Up Born to be shine certificate
6.6 to 8.1 points  Level Up Rising star certificate
5.1 to 6.5 pointsLevel Up Participant certificate
5  or belowPlease do hard work
Marking Scale

We have our analytic scale by which we follow to make the result. we decide  participant based on A2C3P2ICE ( Age of participant, Participant Ability, Creativity, composition, concept, Perfection, Presentation, Innovation, Creativity, Engaging )

Benefits of Free drawing competition

  • There is no task or theme given here, so you are free to give your creative thought to a flight.
  • Each selected participant can download a Certificate.
  • the image of the painting will be promoted actively on our social media channels.
  • Selected candidates will get a chance to participate at the online international level (Theme Based) once a year, where they will compete against each other to become  No. 1 and win the contest zeal award.
  • 2 candidates who have in the top 10 in four consecutive times will get the Contestzeal T-shirt.
  • If you want to get a hard copy of the certificate,  you will have to pay 300 rupees (India). The certificate will be sent to the participant’s address by courier. Participants are requested to fill in their full postal address (with a landmark) while participating in the contest.

Rejection of entries in Drawing competition

Make sure you don’t make the following errors.

The following factors may cause the entries to be REJECTED:

  • Any undesirable subject matter or copyrighted content appears in your artwork.
  • During the participation, you did not provide accurate information.
  • The drawing/painting does not have a clear image.
  • On the picture are written quotations and slogans.
  • AI generated art will not be accepted
  • Mixing art or making a collage of art is strictly prohibited
  • Please do not contribute artwork with violent, drug-related, or adult themes.

drawing competition

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the topic for the drawing competition?

    It depends on your choice, send the best one

  2. Is there a Registration Fee or Free?

    Free of cost registration. we do not demand any money

  3. When will the results be announced?

    The results will be announced in the 2nd or 3rd week of every April, June, August, October, and December, February month.

  4. What is the maximum number of entries we may submit?

    At any given moment, each participant can submit a maximum of 10 submissions. These postings can cover a variety of topics if you like. You have complete control.

  5. What resources will we be able to utilize to create the artwork?

    The usage of resources is not confined in any way. Regular pencils, colored pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal, crayons, sketch pens, oil pastels, watercolors, acrylic colors, and oil colors are some of the options. Drawing, sketching, or painting can be done on any type of paper, including standard office stationery paper, drawing paper, or any other surface suited for drawing or painting.

  6. What is the duration of the contest?

    Online drawing competition is of 2 months duration.

  7. How to submit?

    The application is available online. This means you’ll send a scanned image or a high-resolution photograph of your artwork together with all the important details.

  8. what happens after I submit my entries?

    After two months, the jury of drawing competition draws a shortlist from each group. The shortlist is published on our website and social media pages.

  9. What is the prize?

    As stated above, you can win the category-wise certificate in this contest. In our International drawing competition, you will get a chance to show your talent at the international level as well(Task Based). On your consistency, you are getting a chance to win the T-shirt as well.

  10. Do I have to fill out the form every time?

    Once you register in the painting contest first time, within 48 hours, you will get a confirmation mail in which a registration code number will mention. Now for next time, you have to enter the registration code to apply next time.

  11. May I know the minimum number of entries we are allowed to submit?

    To proceed, please make sure you provide at least five entries. You can submit them all at once or submit one entry per week and distribute them over two months. You must have enough entries to meet the minimum requirement so we can move forward.


Free Online Painting Drawing Competition 2023 International - Never Hide Your Talent

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7 thoughts on “Free Online Painting Drawing Competition 2023 International”

  1. It’s a huge opportunity for me to show my talent and also it is very useful to talented students to show their talents I thankful to you for giving me for such a huge opportunity

  2. I got 8.2-9.3 list born to be shine really thankful for this appreciation and giving this wonderful opportunity to showcase our talent. Keep going, keep rising.

  3. I would lije to thank Lavelup team for their encouragement to the kids by provifing an international platform to showcase their work. Its boosting their confidence and encouraging them to raise their bars.

  4. My name is P. Pavani and very happy 😊 to participate in levelup competition every two months .After going through result I come to know where I stand .It is a great website where everyone can participate and judge themselves.I am greatful to Judges who are encouraging everyone to participate in such nice competition whoever are interested in Painting.They are free to choose any topic,colour,sheets size etc.Thanks.

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