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Mega Kids Competition 2023|Contest For Students

On the occasion of the Gandhi Jayanti, Durga Puja, and Dussehra festival, participate enthusiastically in the Eleventh session of the kids competition 2023.

We want to bring together multi-talented children from all around world on one platform.

This Festival Session 2023, by participating in a mega kids competition, you can show your multi-talent and bring the goddess of prosperity, to your home. Yes, contestZeal is giving you a chance to win gold or silver coins.

Children do not be disappointed this Diwali 2023, Now everyone will win their awards as medals, certificates, trophies, coins, and consolation prizes.

Category for kids/children

  • Group A     1 TO 5  Age
  • Group B    6 TO 11  Age
  • Group C    12 TO 19 Age

Events for kids competition

Registration         Fees Submission       Upload File

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Speech
  • Drawing
  • Clay modeling
  • Speaking Name
  • Fancy dress
  • Card Making
  • Storytelling
  • Handwriting
  • Recite Mantra
  • Poem-recitation
  • Ramp Walk
  • Thali Decoration
  • Acting
  • Fireless cooking
  • Diya/Golu-decoration
  • Unique Talent

Theme for kids competition

No topic, choose your own and send best one (Prefer Janmashtami or Navratri Theme)

Language– Hindi, English, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil

Activity & Eligibility for participating in competition

One participant can take part in many activities.

Kids can take part in any number of activities such as dancing, designing, or storytelling. This flexibility provides a broad range of kids’ activity-based platforms and opportunities to show their talent in each field.

  1. Singing Competition — Video Contest
  2. Dancing Competition– Video Contest
  3. Speech Competition– Video Contest
  4. Drawing Competition(Only for 2 to 19 years)– Picture Contest
  5. Clay Modeling Competition– Picture Contest
  6. Fancy Dress Competition (Only for 1 to 5 years)– Picture Contest
  7. Card Making Competition– Picture Contest
  8. Storytelling Competition– Video Contest
  9. Handwriting Competition– Picture Contest
  10. Recite Mantra Competition– Video Contest
  11. Poem recitation Competition– Video Contest
  12. Ramp Walk Competition– Video Contest
  13. Thali Decoration Competition– Video Contest
  14. Acting Competition– Video Contest
  15. Fireless Cooking Competition (Only for 2 to 10 years)– Video Contest
  16. Diya/Golu Decoration Competition– Picture Contest
  17. Speak Name of 20 Animal+10 Birds+10 Fruit (Only for 2 to 5 years)– Video Contest
  18. You can also show your unique talent here– Video/Picture with explanation

Technical Aspects

  • Video length: A minimum 1-minute video is necessary and a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • It is acceptable to use background music while singing, but it is not permitted to use a sound-enhancing microphone.
  • Pay attention to your expression and body language while dancing. You can use any perks to add liveliness to your dance.
  • To participate in a speech, story, poem, or shloka competition, you must memorize your lines. Children over 11 should focus on voice delivery and expression.
  • In the handwriting competition, the child must write 5 to 7 lines. If they are unable to write words, they may write the alphabet instead.
  • In the Speak Name Contest, parents can show picture cards to help children learn and identify different objects.

kids competition schedule

Tentative Date

Registration opening date: 10 September 2023

Registration closing date: 12 October 2023

Final submission date: 15 October 2023, 12:59 PM

Result date: Result will announce after 5 days from  last submission date

For more update whatsApp at 8114158171


kids competition
  1. All Participants will get a Participant e-Certificate
  2. Selected achiever will get a one Gold & Silver coin
  3. Top 3 achiever in each event will get ranking e-certificate
  4. Ranking medals will be given to all first, second, and third winners in each event.
  5. The winning candidate of each event will be given a ranking e-certificate along with 1 gold medals
  6. The top 2 runners of each event will also be awarded silver and bronze medals.
  7. The winner & top 2 runners in each event will get a chance to demonstrate their talent on our online platform
  8. If your child win 1 event & participate in at least 5 event – he/she awarded by contestzeal Momento & 1 Medal
  9. If your child win 4 event & participate in at least 8 event – he/she awarded by contestzeal large Momento & 4 Medal
  10. If your child win 5 event & participate in at least 8 event – he/she awarded by zeal Icon Momento & 5 Medal
  11. If your child win 6 event & participate in at least 9 event – he/she awarded by contestzeal gift prize or zeal Icon Momento & 6 Medals
  12. If your child win 8 event  – he/she awarded by 1 Star performer Medals & Trophy
  13. If your child win 10 event  – he/she awarded by 1 Mega performer Medals & light Silver coin
  14. If your child win 11 event  – he/she awarded by 1 Mega performer Medals & light Gold coin
  15. If your child win 13 event  – he/she awarded by 1 Mega performer Medals & heavy Silver coin
  16. If your child win 15 event  – he/she awarded by 1 Mega performer Medals & heavy Gold coin
  • The winner of unique talent get a special prize or Momento.
  • Courier charges have been applied which is mandatory to be paid after the result.
  • We can increase or decrease winners according to the number of participant (Min 20 in each group).
  • Open contest and can participate any Indian.
  • No entry will be accepted without participation fees.
  • The judgement by the panel of experts will be final.
  • For any query only Whatsapp at 8114158171.

Registration Process

Note: Payment Process

Payment Slip- Add a price equivalent to 1 BOMB CRACKERS (Rs 60/ per event)

Special Category Registration fees for Disabled kids or unique talent: Rs 150/ per event

your small support will help poor children to grow their dream *

Using Razor Pay

Scan QR Code for payment

A video of this social work to be done by the Zeal team will be uploaded on YouTube.

Registration Forms

For registration and upload required document click below

Upload Method

Click Below to upload a Picture or Video file for the respective event.

Before sending please ensure the proper file name. (event name, participant name)
Write and upload the file name of the video or picture in the given format.

Email all required documents to


  1. May I know the award for winning single event?

    The winner will receive a e-Ranking Certificate and Ranking Medals.

  2. What happens if I don’t win even one event?

    The wonderful thing about this tournament is that no one will be dissatisfied. Even if you do not win, you will receive a participation e-certificate.

  3. What will the winner of the unique talent competition receive?

    ContestZeal will provide the winner with a keepsake, e-certificate, and other surprises.

  4. Can I use clip art to accompany my presentation?

    Yes, every submission must be unique and made by the child. Drawings, pictures, collages, and 3-D work are examples of original art.

  5. Can I submit more than one presentation to a single event?

    No, each participant may send only one entry per event.

  6. Do you allow entries in other languages spoken or written?

    Unfortunately, because our judging panels are exclusively English, Hindi, Bangali, Tamil speakers, we can only consider stories written in English or Hindi.

  7. Can parents assist their children with their presentations?

    Yes. We urge instructors and parents to assist students in developing new ideas.

  8. Last year, I took part. Can I take part this year? Can I resubmit my work from last year?

    We would be delighted to welcome you back. However, you must submit a new entry to be considered.

  9. Don’t the competitions demotivate the youngsters who don’t win?

    No. Each event has just one winner. This is the nature of all competitions. We provide participation e-certificates to all entrants to demonstrate that participation makes everyone a winner.

  10. What is the reason behind the high registration fees?

    The registration fees are reasonable. When compared to other competitors’ fees, they are not excessive. Please review the award list and fee donations, which are used to finance noble causes such as poor children in order to urge them to participate in extracurricular activities.

  11. My children want to enter more than Fifteen contests. Can I receive a deal? I am unable to pay for all of them.

    Yes, you may reach us using WhatsApp. You will get a 20% discount.

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