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Participants Feedback

Check out some feedback or review from our participant

Our Happy family!

“It enhances the best ability of someone who is really interested in paintings.”​

Rituparna Tripathy

“It’s a good opportunity to grow our talent.”​

Jemma Gloria Moncy Varghese

“An event that I like is that we can give any topic for drawing so that we can show our own art talent.”​

Tiyasa Dutta

“it’s nice if you are not winning you still get a certificate.”​

B. laya Fathima

“The organizing of the event was wonderful and it helped me to express myself and my paintings.Keep organising like this. Thank you!”​

Darshan K

“The fair discussion of competition winners.”​

Bhoomika Nalakar

“What I like about the event is that all competition is there and to choose and win.”​

Aarav Kumar Singh

“Honest and fare decision.”​

Arna Chatterji

“Everything was on time to time basis as promised/mentioned.”​

Prisha Vishal Mehta

Contestzeal review

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