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Online IPL quiz
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Starting Date21-April-2022
Closing Date30-June-2022
Result Date(10-15)-july-2022

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Who was the Mumbai Indians' Player of the Match in the 2013 IPL final?

In IPL 2011, which Kochi Tuskers Kerala bowler let up 37 runs in an over to Chris Gayle?

Moving on to the bowlers, who is the IPL's second-highest wicket-taker?

Ishan Kishan was the most expensive auction purchase. Who had the second-highest price tag?

In 2016, Virat Kohli scored two-century against which team?

Which batsman has the highest IPL 2020 average?

How many balls did Yusuf Pathan need to strike a century against the Mumbai Indians in the 2010 IPL?

Which IPL cricketer has achieved the quickest century?

How many sixes did Brendon McCullum hit in his 158* innings against RCB on the first night of the 2008 IPL?

Who was the most expensive foreign player sold in the IPL 2022 Auction?

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Virat Kohli has scored the most runs in IPL history. Who is the runner-up in terms of points?

Moving on to the bowlers, who is the IPL’s second-highest wicket-taker?

Where did the first IPL match take place?

What was the name of the first Indian captain to hold the IPL trophy?

Who was the first IPL player to score a hattrick?

Which IPL edition does take place in 2022?

Who was the most expensive player sold in the IPL 2022 Auction?

Who is the IPL 2022 title sponsor?

Which club won the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League in 2021?

Who is the current chairman of the IPL?

Which IPL cricketer has achieved the quickest century?

Which IPL team has successfully defended its title?

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