Free Quiz Competition 2022

Free online quiz competition prizes and certificate in India May 2022

List Of Quiz Competition

  • Drawing Quiz
  • Dancing Quiz
  • Republic Day Quiz
  • Holi Quiz
  • India Quiz
Quiz Competition
Quiz Competition
Quiz Competition
Quiz Competition
Quiz Competition

What is a quiz competition?

A competition in which children can check their knowledge of what they know by answering questions on one or more topics and chance to win a certificate or prize.

What are the benefits of quiz contest?

Encourages children to complete questions on time. Apart from bookish knowledge, you can also learn something new.

Is this a online free quiz competition?

Yes, It is completely free competition

How do I get the certificate?

Participants who took the least time in each quiz will be awarded the certificate of fastest quiz solver.

Can I earn money from the Quiz contest?

No, you will not be given the cash. The gift will be sent to the given address as you verify your address by email.

How do I get the prize?

You will be awarded a prize for completing any 4 quizzes in the shortest average time.

When will the result of the quiz come?

Quiz result will come in first week of every month

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