How to Win Painting Competitions & Drawing Contests in 2024(Expert View)

  1. Do you want to earn money or fame by winning online painting competition?
  2. How will you make your painting the best? Look into it.
  3. How do you win by creating a one-of-a-kind painting that stands out?
  4. How do you win by creating a one-of-a-kind painting that stands out?
  5. How to Create a Successful Painting Empire?
  6. How do you make the judges of a contest go insane with your artwork submissions?
  7. How do you obtain a competitive advantage over the artists you’re up against?

All of your queries will be answered here.

You will undoubtedly do better in every Painting Competition once you have completed this instruction.

Many artists find it challenging to judge their works while

joining an art competition.

A large number of questions occur in the mind of the artist.

  • Will my work meet their requirements? Is my style of art appropriate for what they’re after?
  • Is my presentation acceptable for inclusion in a list of successful candidates? What makes me want to compete in this contest? Is it for the sake of popularity, publicity, or prize money that I’m joining this painting competition?
  • Is this a judging competition or a popularity contest? Is this a local, regional, or global event? Is there a subject or a context? Before entering any art competition, these questions should be considered.

The top 11 secrets to winning a painting competition are outlined in the following article.

Familiarize yourself with the contest organizer or judge

 a. Every Judge has his or her own set of thoughts.

Examine the judge before proceeding. Keep an eye on their social media accounts Examples include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites. It’s likely that they’ll select the sort of art that appeals to them.

b. What one judge dismisses, another accepts.

I’m telling you this because I once entered a painting competition and didn’t win, but the following month I joined the same painting competition and won. so keep attempting

  • Judges are human, and if you engage in the Painting Competition on a regular basis, the judge will notice your talent. They will recognize specific artists’ work based on their presenting style. You have a better likelihood of being granted a certain opportunity.
  • The voting rules will tell you exactly how your artwork will be assessed in the Painting Competition and who will be doing the judging. In most circumstances, an Painting competition’s winner is decided by the general audience, a judging panel, or art specialists.

You should try multiple entries

a. Including a large number of paintings in your entry improves your chances of winning.

 In principle, if you enter five paintings, your chances of getting seen are multiplied by five. You’ll build trust and get a judge’s attention this way.

b. Entering Multiple Categories Gives You an Advantage

When I was judging an Painting Competition, I found that identical artist had placed their work in three categories: sketching, painting, and mandala. Although the individual did not win in two categories, they did win in a third.

Read again and again contest information

Do it all over again by going over the information provided by the Organizer and taking notes. Your win might be jeopardized by a minor blunder.

Please double-check that you understand all that is expected of you and what you are committing to. You’re competing in a competition where everyone wants to give it their all, so don’t be a slacker.

If you are not sure, ask questions

If you’re not sure, call or send a WhatsApp message to explain any queries you have regarding the standards or topic. It’s preferable to ask than to force anything. By carefully reading the rules of each art competition you enter, you will get an immediate edge over the artists who choose to ignore them.

lookup past contest

View prior exhibitions on the gallery or organization’s website to determine whether your work might be a suitable fit.

Everyone is diligent, but only those who work smartly will succeed.

Before entering any art competition, you should always research a few of the prior winners’ artists and artworks.

You’ll get tips on which materials, color palettes, and elegance are worth experimenting with.

Examining the winners will allow you to analyze your ability level, make comparisons, and pinpoint areas where you want to improve.

The better your performance and the more likely you are to win, the more knowledge you have.

Understand the theme/task

Keep in mind that not all artwork is appropriate for all or any topics. If your work has an obvious relation to the topic, you’ll have a far greater chance of getting chosen.

All you have to do is use Google Images, Pinterest, or Instagram to hunt for ideas related to the contest’s topic.

You’ll see a full list of artwork linked with the theme you’re looking for in a moment.

You’ll also locate artworks that will inspire you to create your unique work of art, the kind that wins awards.

Make a to-do list

Make a list of everything you’d like to put in your submission. Also, double-check that you’re following the directions to the rule. It has been observed that you just enter many contests at the same time.

When an organizer phones and asks for the fine print, you are unable to provide the correct response due to your misunderstanding. Your odds of winning are reduced as a result of this action. You’ll thank me for this, believe me.

Adhere to all of the guidelines for making art

As you work on a painting, double-check that you are adhering to all of the guidelines. Have you ever chosen the right material, such as paper size, color combination, and so on?

Obtain input from others

Allow your friends and relatives to view your artwork before submitting it to a contest.

Hearing their constructive criticism will give you a unique perspective on your work.

If you listen to them, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the overall quality of your artwork and be able to submit a winning entry.

Prepare oneself against final submission

  • Read over everything you’ve filled out before submitting it; make any necessary edits and fill in any blanks; if an entrance fee is required, make the appropriate payment.
  • The file naming standards must be followed exactly. Most organizers will not take the effort to rename files, and will instead reject them.
  • Take just photos of the artwork itself, not the frame, the wall it’s on, or your dog sitting next to it.
  • don’t try to photograph a work that is protected by glass.
  • Check that your optical lens is parallel to the image and pointed at the artwork’s center.
  • Verify that the artwork is well-lit. If you don’t have color-correct lights, the best option is to use outside in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t use any tools to change the picture.

Explain your art

Hundreds, if not thousands, of entries can be submitted to an Painting Competition. When judges review your artwork, you must make a good first impression to ensure that it stands out from the crowd.

Explain your painting as much as you can in a separate paper note or video format. This will show the judge how serious you are to win the contest.

Improve yourself and check out again

Whatever we may believe, the judgment procedure will be carried out by a judge based on their own experience or a predetermined scale.

It doesn’t really matter if your work isn’t chosen. If you enter the same piece of work in a separate Painting Competition with a different judge, the outcome might be very different.

If you don’t win, don’t give up…learn from your mistakes. Examine the winners/finalists to evaluate how their work compares to yours in terms of quality/look and how they approached the topic.

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