International Yoga Day|Yoga Day-2022

The theme for International Yoga Day 2022 is to encourage individuals to stay motivated and safe (Yoga for well-being). Our goal is to inspire individuals to exercise and practice yoga in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

Coronavirus cases have continued to rock the world for more than a year. This enormous pressure may cause a rise in exhaustion, anxiety, stressed, depression, irritation, frustration, and even loneliness.

After all, being in quarantine, juggling work, keeping kids engaged while schools are closed, and adjusting to new surroundings may all have a severe influence on one’s health and emotional well-being. At home, people are becoming overweight and more desperate.

Yoga, we believe, generates energy in us, which aids in our overall wellness. There are so many examples around us who have found happiness in their lives by doing yoga. A balanced and yogic life is the formula of youth life.

International Yoga Day 2022 Contest

Let us celebrate International Yoga Day 2022 by appreciating the concept, and by practicing yoga, we may establish an immune shield to ward off the virus curse.


Term Yogi is consists of two words ‘Yoga’ and ‘Immunity’ symbolize increasing your immunity through yoga. The term Yogi also reflects the theme of our contest.

1. Yogasana Photo Contest: Send us a photo of yourself in your favorite yoga pose. Participants will upload photos of themselves performing a certain yoga asana along with the name of the asana.

2. Yoga message video contest: You may explain the value of yoga in your life by sending a 30-second film clip.


People of all ages can participate

You should do yoga only under the supervision of your elder or instructor.

Fill the registration form carefully. In case of any error, your entry will be considered canceled.

Important Date

01.06.2022 Start of event.

25.06.2022 Final date to apply.

27.06.2022 to 30.06.2022 Participant E-certificate will be sent to your mail.

Entry Charge

It is completely free to participate.

Benefit for participant

All participants will get certificates.


Yoga day quiz Contest is starting from 1st June. All of you can sharpen your memory by participating in the quiz contest. You can also win 5 Amazon E-voucher worth rupees 200.
You will get the details of the competition on 20th May 2022

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