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Result Yoga Competition 2022

YogI Session June – July 2002

Utkarsh4-10 years1st
Katherine Mary Jobin4-10 years2nd
Aviral Gautam4-10 years3rd
Uttam Kumar Chanda11-50 years1st
Aditi Princee Sahu11-50 years2nd
Anjali Nana Shinde11-50 years3rd

The participant whose name is given below has a lot of potentials. Just because of not following the rules properly, they were left behind.

K. Likhith4-10 yearsPhoto/Video Contest
K. Divith4-10 yearsPhoto/Video Contest
S. B. Daksha4-10 yearsPhoto/Video Contest
Anhad Singh4-10 yearsPhoto/Video Contest
Subbiah R11-50 yearsPhoto/Video Contest
Aaradhya Priya11-50 yearsMessage Video contest

The e-certificate has been emailed to all of you

If you have not received the participant certificate then contact on whatsApp

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