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Quiz Results 2023 competition

Quiz Results

Congratulations to all the contestants from the side of contestzeal. You can contact us on our WhatsApp number and claim your certificate or prize in 10 days.

All the students who failed in this free quiz competition, ‘don’t get disheartened, keep trying and stop only after getting your score up to 90%’.

Advance Cricket Quiz

S.I Dhanushyasri90 Points33 seconds
Varun80 Points45 seconds
Sajna S80 Points3 minutes 5 seconds

Basic Cricket Quiz Results

S.I Dhanushyasri90 Points18 seconds
Prachi Aggarw90 Points46 seconds
Anisha Chavhan90 Points54 seconds

Drawing Quiz Results

G.Bhaveni Shan90 Points22 seconds
Vaishnavi Gurav90 Points28 seconds
Nanthini90 Points30 seconds

Holi Quiz

Shreya Singhal80 Points55 seconds
Saloni Pandey80 Points1 minutes 47 seconds
Bharati Pani70 Points37 seconds

India Quiz

Amirthav Arshini90 Points21 seconds
Ghulam Mohammed Khan90 Points24 seconds
Vilas Sathawane90 Points27 seconds

IPL Quiz

Prabal Sood90 Points30 seconds
Suraj Sanjeev Sulebhavi90 Points2 minutes 49 seconds
Bareera Iftekhar80 Points4 minutes 55 seconds

IPL Quizzes

Sethu Sabarish S90 Points2 minutes 28 seconds
Ravinder Singh90 Points4 minutes 9 seconds
S.I Dhanushyasri80 Points17 seconds

Republic Day Quiz

Sakshi Kumari90 Points29 seconds
A S Ganisha90 Points31 seconds
Deerghaa Gupta80 Points6 seconds

Dance Quiz

V T Keerthana Sri90 Points1 minutes 8 seconds
Dhanya90 Points2 minutes 24 seconds
Sadhvi Shukla90 Points2 minutes 56 seconds

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