Result Free Competition 2023

Republic Day and Holi Festival Free Competition Result

Here we are going to announce the Combine Result of February & March.

Result is being announced late due to less number of participants. Share this free competition with your friends so that we can give results every month on time.

A. Good Habit List online Competition

Winner for gift prize

Roshani Sharma

Here are some selected messages

Wake up early in the morning
Early morning wakeup is one of the best habits for every person who loves to start a healthy lifestyle. It is a major aspect of a beneficial day to begin.
To practice waking up early, you can continue it for 7 days straight by setting an alarm, believe me, you will wake up early the next day onwards without an alarm.

Because your mind and body are fixed by your continuous practice. Everything will Rely on order when you start wake up early, you have more time to prepare your Breakfast, no rush which makes u stress, dress up yourself with more comfort.
The whole day belongs to you when you practice this good habit.
Everyone can follow this for their own good personalization.

  • Get up early and go to bed on time.
  • Don’t stick to the phone all the time
  • Healthy diet is a must
  • Do exercise or yoga every day
  • Talk about mental stress.
  • Take blessings from elders every day.
  • At last do good and be good.

The habit of getting up early in the morning – will keep the mood very
Happy and refreshed throughout the day so that your day will also be good.
Greetings to your elders – this will give peace to your mind, and you will also
Learn a good habit.

Everyone wants to be happier, healthier, and more successful in life. So, if you want to be happier and healthier in your life,  don’t miss these simple daily habits that will change your life…

1. Get up early in the morning

2. Practice healthy eating throughout the day

3. Surround yourself with positive people.

4. Read Something

5. Stay positive

6. Be Responsible When Handling Money

7. Importance of Keeping Values like Honesty

8. Hard Work in Life

9. Peace of mind becomes more important than anything in today’s stressed life.

10. Time management

11. Tidy everything

1. Get organized and make plans.

2. Don’t multitask while studying.

3. Talk with a positive person.

4. Express gratitude by writing down three good things that happened to you each day.

5. Ask for a hug from one person a day.

6. Outline your thoughts/words before you enter an intimidating situation.

  1. Walk for 30 minutes every day.
  2. Learn to exercise.
  3. Meditation
  4. Family Togetherness.
  5. Stay Hygiene
  6. Never give up.
  7. Develop the 2-minute walking rule for every hour you sit.
  8. Read five pages from a book.
  9. Journal.
  10. Staying Active.
  11. Honesty.
  12. Save Money.
  13. Get sleep.
  14. Have a bedtime routine.
  15. Be Grateful
  1. Washing your hands.
  2. Early rising from bed.
  3. Early going to bed.
  4. Taking a full sleep of up to 8 hours.
  5. Cleaning your room daily.
  6. Making your bed.
  7. Organizing your house.
  8. Helping your mother in everything.
  9. Helping old people.
  10. Completing your homework daily.
  11. Not watching TV for so much time.
  12. Brushing twice a day. Dental hygiene is very important.
  13. Bathing every day.
  14. Eat breakfast.
  15. Drink water, not soda.
  16. Regular physical activities, daily exercise.
  17. Read every day.
  18. Family time.
  19. Try to plant at least a tree in a week.
  1. Read more books.
  2. Be interactive with elders.
  3. Spending time with family members and friends.
  4. Avoid using mobile phones at night.
  5. Eat healthy food.
  6. Follow some ethics.
  7. Be punctual at everything.
  8. Don’t be jealous of others.
  9. Help others who needs your support.
  10. Always be Positive.
  11. Never break the rules.
  1. Doing Yoga Regularly
  2. kindness
  3. Patience
  4. Polite And Humble
  5. Respect Elder
  6. Exercising
  7. Ask Questions
  8. Limit Screen Time..playing out door games
  9. Try to be Happy as much as I can

Spend time in nature. Spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and well-being.
Practice positive self-talk. Say something positive to yourself in the mirror every morning.
Hug your friends, family, and pets. Hugging boosts feel-good hormones like oxytocin and dopamine.
Get outside your comfort zone. Be adventurous by trying a new activity. This could be physically daring or pushing yourself mentally.

B. Quiz Time Competition

Winner candidate name for gift prize

Nidhi Gupta

Winner of Participation Certificate

Prahana JMatri Rikhari
Rutuja GaneshPratiksha
Ishaani palyamuna kandregula
Ayushi JaiswalHiral Kapadiya
Vishaka MaheshwariSandhiya.R
Kuna AkshayaMeghna Devi
Shakirah Shahidkanishka

C. Toy online Competition

Winner for gift prize

Dipanshu Rawat

Participant Certificate Candidate Name

Shamsu SReena Dhoka
Prarthna kumariKabidhwaj K
M.Siva kailashniPranov Sivaan

D. Cross Word online Competition

Winner for gift prize

Harshil Singh


  • Prizes or e-certificates will be sent to all winners by 20th April.
  • Any candidate who does not get the e-certificate till 20th, the candidate should inform us through WhatsApp (Please use registered number)
  • Your feedback helps us to increase the prize and number of free competition, please whatsapp (8114158171) your feedback in video format.
  • This time the prize has been increased in the Lavel Up painting competition session (Fab. – Mar.), Hopes many artists will benefit from it.

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