Republic Day Quiz 2022

Republic Day Quiz 26 January 2022

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On 26 January 2022, India will be celebrating 73rd Republic Day. After nearly 200 years of British rule and sacrifice by freedom fighters, India received its own constitution and became the “Republic of India” on January 26, 1950.
On Republic Day celebrations, many schools and colleges organise quiz programs in which you will be asked questions to win a competition
It is also our effort to organize a quiz competition about the Indian Constitution and Indian Independence Movement on the occasion of Republic Day.

Let’s get the Republic Day Quiz 2022 started

Time Limit : 5 Min, Fastest one with 100% success will be consider for surprise gift hamper

Result Date of dance quiz competition: First week of August 2022

Welcome to your Republic Day Quiz

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Which Indian city has the moniker "City of Prime Ministers"?

who designed India's current national flag?

Who was India's first President, and when did he become President?

On Republic Day, how many gun salutes are given to India's President?

What is the highest Civilian Award given every year on January 26th?

When did India's Constitution go into effect?

How long did it take the Constituent Assembly to draught India's constitution?

What is India's National Calendar?

Who will raise the flag during the national level Republic Day function in New Delhi this year (2022)?

What are the names of the two languages in which the Indian constitution is written?

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