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Mega Kids Competition Result December 2022

On behalf of ContestZeal, thanks to all of you for participating in Mega kids competition session 6. Good luck to the winner

Mega kids Competition Result Session 6

Kids Competition Result Of Group A

Name of top 3 ranker in each category

RankWinner1st runner up2nd runner up
Card MakingR.Veekshith NA NA
Clay ModelingA.AbdullahR.VeekshithS.Thanshika
DancingAnnvie DeepakP S Ganga SaicharanH. Abigail Blessy
RangoliY Thanuj SaiNANA
DrawingR.VeekshithR.ShreeshaRachel Raj
Fancy DressK.N.Ruya OwaisiSridatta TripathyP S Ganga Saicharan
Fireless CookingSanvi D RakeshK.N.Ruya OwaisiH. Abigail Blessy
Poem RecitationYuvraj chaudhary Vihaan JainG Siddharth Gautham
Recite MantraP S Ganga SaicharanR.VeekshithK.N.Ruya Owaisi
SingingAyansh KondepudiR.VeekshithShivika Shriwas
StorytellingSridatta TripathyYuvraj chaudharyAyansh Kondepudi
Speak Name ActivityAnnvie DeepakSai Mithran.VAdvik A
Instrument playAnnvie DeepakK.N.Yousuf NafisiNA
Unique TalentAdvik AVihaan JainG Siddharth Gautham

Name of selected kids in group A

Y Thanuj Sai1 event1 Medal & Gift prize
Ayansh Kondepudi1 event1 Medal
A.Abdullah1 event1 Medal
Sanvi D Rakesh1 event1 Medal
Advik A1 event1 Medal & Motivational Prize
Yuvraj chaudhary1 event1 Medal
Diana1 event1 Medal
K.N.Ruya Owaisi1 event1 Medal & Gift prize
P S Ganga Saicharan1 event1 Medal
Sridatta Tripathy1 event1 Medal
Annvie Deepak3 event3 Medal & Gift prize
R.Veekshith3 event3 Medal & Gift prize
S.Sudeeksha1 Medal & Motivational Prize

Kids Competition Result Of Group B

Name of top 3 ranker in each category

RankWinner1st runner up2nd runner up
Card MakingSuchitha Venkat Raman NA NA
Clay ModelingTeena NA NA
DancingVaishnavi RaoMaryam Amal NA
DrawingB. KaushikSuchitha Venkat RamanVaishnavi Rao
Fireless CookingVaishnavi RaoS. Aaron Anand NA
HandwritingY.MokshagnaTeenaMaheera Khudavand
PhotographySuchitha Venkat Raman NANA
Poem RecitationMaryam AmalSamhitha VijayakumarTeena
Recite MantraSanaVaishnavi RaoSamhitha Vijayakumar
SingingS.shree nishaTeenaMaheera Khudavand
StorytellingVaishnavi RaoMaryam AmalSuchitha Venkat Raman
Instrument playSiddharth KhemaniSuchitha Venkat RamanMaryam Amal
Fancy dressTeenaNANA
Rangoli DesignTeenaNANA
Unique TalentS.N.DiyaMaheera KhudavandNA

Name of selected kids in group B

Siddharth Khemani1 event1 Medal
Suchitha Venkat Raman2 event2 Medal
Teena3 event3 Medal & Gift prize
Vaishnavi Rao3 event3 Medal & Gift prize
Maryam Amal1 event1 Medal & Gift prize
Y.Mokshagna1 event1 Medal
S.shree nisha1 event1 Medal
Sana1 event1 Medal
B. Kaushik1 event1 Medal
S.N.Diya1 event1 Medal & Motivational Prize

Kids Competition Result Of Group C

Name of top 3 ranker in each category

RankWinner1st runner up2nd runner up
HandwritingDeboshree DattaManavi PBAkshaya Lakshmi . V
SingingRoshni MajumdarAkshaya Lakshmi . VNA
Card MakingAkshaya Lakshmi . VDeboshree DattaNA
PhotographyAkshaya Lakshmi . VDeboshree DattaNA
Clay ModelingDeboshree DattaNANA
Poem RecitationPriyaNANA
Recite MantraNANANA
Instrument playManavi PBNANA
Unique TalentNANANA

Name of selected Children in group C

Deboshree Datta2 event2 Medal
Roshni Majumdar1 event1 Medal
Manavi PB1 event1 Medal
Akshaya Lakshmi . V2 event2 Medal
Priya1 event1 Medal


  • All the participants will get e-certificate.
  • Ranking or participant certificate will be emailed to all by December 25.
  • Gift prizes & Medals will be sent to all winners by 30th December.
  • We are charging postal charges due to less number of participants.
  • Postal charge information will be sent to you on your respective WhatsApp number
  • *NA means no other candidate has participated

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