School Submit Contest 2024

Peacock Inter-school Painting Registration Submit Contest Form

This form is not to be filled out by students as part of the school registration process (to be filled out by schools only). It is solely for the schools.

Students must complete the students’ registration form, which they may obtain from their school, in order to register.

Students may also inquire about their student registration form and find out if their school is registered by sending a WhatsApp message to 8114158171. Please provide the city and school’s names in the WhatsApp message.

submit contest

Schools can submit an application by completing the following form

NOTE: The form will be forwarded to us for registration as soon as you submit it. Once we have registered your school, you will receive an acknowledgment email.

The email will also include all relevant attachments, including the following:

  1. A student registration form
  2. Competition terms and conditions
  3. For the competition, group-specific topics will also be disclosed.
  4. Details about the School benefit and the advantages for students
  5. Call the school helpline at 8114158171.

For further information:
You can contact us via email at or by WhatsApp at 8114158171.

Complete the contact form below with your information:
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