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Proud of Odisha 2023

What does Odisha have to be proud of? 

Odisha is a region of world-renowned architecture, temples, craft works, and a plethora of other talent. The Odia language is one of the sweetest spoken, and it contains the second most written scriptures after Sanskrit.

Odissi dance is famous not just in Orissa, but also throughout India and internationally.

  • Odissi: A significant old classical dance.
  • Mahari: Usually performed by temple Devadashis or royal court entertainers.
  • Laudi Badi Khela: This is an Odisha traditional dance. The Gopal (Yadav) community of Odisha performs this at Dola Purnima.
  • Dhemsa: A highly popular dance genre of Odisha’s tribal area Undivided Koraput districts.
  • Chhau: The Odia Chhau dance is a direct outcome of the old martial traditions represented in dance performances.
  • Ghumura dance: This is a direct outgrowth of the Odias’ old martial traditions when Odia Paikas marched into combat or relaxed on the beats and strains of Ghumura music.
  • Dalkhai Dance: This is a well-known traditional dance genre in western Odisha.
  • Jodi Sankha: It is also derived from ancient Odisha’s martial traditions.

Baagh Nach, Jatin Das, Jayanta Meher, Kailash Chandra Meher, Bijoy Ketan Mishra, Hara Patnaik, Mira Nair, Nila Madhab Panda, Nitai Palit, Prashanta Nanda, Ravi Kinagi, Jatin Das, Jayanta Meher, Kailash Chandra Meher, Sudarshan Pattnaik, Akshaya Mohanty, Bhikari Bal,

Arabinda Muduli, Krishna Beura, Pratyush Prakash, Sarbeswar Bhoi, Sikandar Alam, Sniti Mishra, Sona Mohapatra, Sunanda Patnaik, Rituraj Mohanty, Jitendra Haripal, Birsa Mundaand more. Without all this name the pride of Odisha will be incomplete.

Meet the kids who contributed to Odisha’s greatness. We call him proud of Odisha.

Proud of Odisha

Mrinali Nanda
Sridatta Tripathy
proud of Odisha
Ananya Nayak
proud of Odisha
Arjyasmita Biswal
proud of Odisha
Hridayansh Padhy
proud of Odisha
Swarnima Priyadarshinee
proud of Odisha
Moni Deepa
proud of Odisha
Monalisha Moharana
proud of Odisha
Samiksha Samriddhi Sarangi
proud of Odisha
A.laasya pattanaik
Tasmeishree Ratha

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